My Story

My imagination was catapulted and molded into a life fulfilled with loving superheros. Marvel and DC comics had an early impact on my life of making all kinds of art in every medium possible.

Fast forwarding 30 years later I feel that through my grandfather's death I was able to create these sculptures. Just the idea of idolizing my grandfather(s) as World War II superheros based on their real life stories (missions) was the most alluring idea I found to be totally fascinating. I took the normal essence of what they looked like and turned them into idolized superheros. (I am not talking about the typical spandex type of hero but more of an idealistic sense of the word) I wanted to revere them as much as I possibly could through craftsmanship and imagination and turn it into something not only that was aesthetic but something else viewers can hopefully appreciate when thinking about their own loved ones.

These sculptures I consider are the holy grail of my artistic experience through extensive research, fundamental technique, immaculate guidance, perseverance, an uncanny innate ability of my imagination and the love and admiration I have for my late grandfathers.

I hold a B.F.A. from Syracuse University in Computer Animation with a minor in Fine Arts. I also hold a M.F.A. in Computer Art from Syracuse University.